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Our top priority is ensuring that we can best serve each and every one of our clients and their unique needs. We believe in using easy-to-understand, advanced wealth preservation and tax efficient solutions - taking the complicated and presenting it in a way we can all make decisions together. Our mission is to listen, provide support and enable our clients to be active participants in customizing their financial futures.

Ethan Meikle, CCFS® Photo
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Ethan Meikle, CCFS®

Co-Founder / Wealth Advisor


My passion for financial planning started shortly after graduating from Central Washington University. I was given an opportunity to work with a large financial institution that specialized in helping school district employees plan for their retirement. After nearly 4 years of working there I decided that while I loved what I did I needed to be able to make recommendations that truly served my clients’ best interests. 

So, my business partner Shireen Sharma and I decided to start our own firm where we could have more control and freedom over what we could do for our clients. This has allowed us to create strategic relationships across the county with other professionals that allow us to help people in ways they didn't know were possible. 

I am constantly looking for new ways to better serve our clients so I can keep them on the cutting edge of the financial industry.  With our core values of honesty and trust, I have no doubt Scenic Financial will continue to grow and make a real difference in our communities.


I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and grew up in North Kohala. I enjoyed playing many different sports as well as hunting and fishing. My favorite sport was Track and Field, although I had attempted nearly all of the events the 800M and High Jump were my specialties. I won the BIIF High Jump Championship in 2010 with a jump of 6'4".  I was lucky enough to go to the next level and competed for CWU(Go Wildcats!)  for 4 9years. 

Today I enjoy coaching the High Jump for Selah High School and spending time at home with my wife Carolyn and our twin daughters Charlotte and Aria who are 3 years old. 

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Shireen Sharma, MBA Photo
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Shireen Sharma, MBA

Co- Founder / Retirement Advisor


From a very young age, I have always found problem solving to be an integral part of my life and education. Taking a situation in its entirety and finding the best solution to navigate through seems to be a general theme of life. After completing psychology as a undergraduate, I pursued my MBA and entered into the finance business. Being able to dissect problems and implement the right strategies for people is now a career I am proud to share with my partner and this firm!

I have spent most of my life in Washington state, growing up with my family who are still settled here, and I feel very fortunate to be able to help not only the people around me, but anyone who finds themselves questioning and worrying over what their retirement and financial future looks like. I believe everyone at some point has these concerns, and I am happy to be an avenue they can use for help, to answer questions, make their plans, and alleviate their worry!

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